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Please explore this website to find out more about the silent movie composer and interpreter Wilfried Kaets

This site will provide you with information about silent films, silent film accompaniment and screenings of silent movies with live accompaniment ranging from solo piano or theater organ, through ensembles (piano and percussion, organ and voice), up to and including large orchestra.

Mr. Kaets has had more than 20 years experience composing for and accompanying silent films throughout Europe and was professor for film music at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf for 10 years. He has worked intensively with many of the German and English film pianists and organists remaining from the times of silent films so that his screenings are distinguished by historically accurate performance practice.

The organizer and audience can expect:

  • stringently composed conceptual music custom tailored to fit the film,
  • presentation in original format on a large screen and at correct (reduced) projection speed,
  • historically accurate performance practice,
  • flexible choice of original silent film music from historical compilations and/or newly composed music adapted to the venue provided,
  • “real theater” feeling from the time of silent films (including projector “noise”)

Please visit our german website under: stummfilm-live.de deutsch