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Destiny/The Weary Death
(Der müde Tod)

Romantic atmosphere and resignation characterize this novella-style film in which Death has become weary and longs to be “defeated” by a young woman. The initial plot is quite strikingly set in the romantically winding streets of a German village populated with strange inhabitants. There is also a fantastic scene in a gloomy but magnificent hall with candles representing human lives.

Germany 1921

Director: Fritz Lang

Screenplay: Fritz Lang, Thea von Harbou

Cinematography: Frith Arno Wagner, Erich Nizschmann, Hermann Saalfrank, Bruno Mondi

Set Design:
Walter Röhrig, Hermann Warm,
Robert Herlth

Main Characters:
Death - Bernhard Goethke
Young Woman - Lil Dagover
Young Man - Walter Jansen