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About the score

Kaets, renowned as one of the few specialists for ”historical silent film music practice,” strikes a new and very personal compositional path with his music for this film.

In this instance he did not compose a score with the use of his knowledge and research into film music compilations, historical film music scores, cue sheets from film distributors and censors’ protocols but chose, rather, another approach – to compose from the viewpoint of a contemporary film music composer.

To a great extent he is interested here in the “musical tempo” of the film, the dramatic structure (comparable to the arrangement and emphasis of individual movements in a sonata or symphony) and the bizarre atmosphere of the narrative, the setting and the stage direction.

The result is a soundscape that supports and reflects this fast-paced, frantic, exaggerated and expressive, more than 80 year old, silent film. A movie, which is certain to surprise, overwhelm and possibly even unsettle more than a few audience members.

The music endeavors to illustrate manic desire, lunacy, experimentation, provocation, ridicule and nonsense.