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Content and Synopsis


The last days of Joan of Arc: examination, sentencing and death by fire.
If one is looking for a concise description, however, the film is not so much an epic story (certainly not an action film), but more a “radical montage-film” from the latter period of silent movies.
The Passion is the main focus of the film’s message and references to the Passion of Christ cannot be overlooked.

La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc is a prime example of a time in which “moving pictures” were still seen as a true art form. These pictures suffice to powerfully depict the futile struggle of a simple farm maiden against a phalanx of indoctrinated priests.
The impact of the story is mirrored in the clear, expressive countenance of Maria Renée Falconetti just as it is reflected in the faces of her judges with their brilliantly varied physiognomy and their intense but unexaggerated mimic. This all serves, in this hour and fifteen minute long film of unmerciful close-ups, to creep into the viewer’s mind and soul.