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The King of Kings
(König der Könige)

The King of Kings

USA 1927, 135 minutes, black and white

Cecil B. DeMille

Jeanie Macpherson

Cinematography:         John Peverell Marley




Short synopsis:  The courtesan, Mary Magdalene, becomes angry when her lover, Judas, now a follower of Jesus, does not attend her feast. She goes to confront Jesus but upon meeting him is converted and becomes a follower, experiencing the biblical story of Christ and his crucifixion.

The film covers the last three years in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, his crucifixion and ressurection. Cecil B. DeMille’s monumental feature-length film is, even today, one of the most significant film versions of the life of Jesus.

H.B. Warner - Jesus
Dorothy Cumming - Mary
Jacqueline Logan     - Mary Magdalene
Joseph Schildkraut   - Judas Iscariot