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A young couple, Thomas and Ellen Hutter, live in Bremen. Thomas’ employer, Knock, asks him to travel to the castle of Count Orlock in the Carpathian Mountains in order to finalize the sale of a house. During his long journey Hutter experiences apparitions. When he arrives at the castle he searches through empty halls and dark vaults for the Count.
It is after midnight when Hutter finally meets Count Orlock and the contract is signed. He wakes up the next morning with two small wounds on his neck. Orlock comes again the following night to feed on his blood and, simultaneously, Hutter’s wife in distant Bremen wakes up screaming the name of her husband. Orlock, sensing her screams, leaves Hutter untouched.
With coffins full of unhallowed earth Orlock leaves his castle and sets out for Bremen. Hutter flees the sinister place, travelling home by the quickest possible route. The Count leaves a trail of dead bodies wherever he goes. There is only one solution to stop the vampire: Ellen sacrifices herself to him and he dies in the sunlight of the breaking dawn.