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The last laugh
(Der letzte Mann)

D 1924
ca. 90 Min.

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau 

Carl Mayer 

Karl Freund und Robert Baberske

The Last Man (released in America under the title The Last Laugh) is the story of a personal tragedy:  An aging hotel doorman loses his identity and his prestige after being fired from his job. He is then mercilessly humiliated by society.

Murnau’s film, almost entirely without intertitles, is regarded as a milestone in film history and the height of German silent film cinema.


Emil Jannings, Maly Delschaft,
Hans Unterkircher, Max Hiller,
Hermann Vallentin, Emilie Kurz,
Olaf Storm, Georg John, Emmy Wyda,
Erich Schönfelder,
et al.