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New film score for piano and cembalo composed by Wilfried Kaets

Alternative score for piano, cembalo, gongs and percussion composed by Wilfried Kaets


The score is structurally oriented on methods originally used for composing silent film music. Some themes from compilations of cinematic music from the 1920s are utilized but the score is, in large part, newly composed.

The originality of the score is born out by the use of tone color, such as the vibraphone, and the arrangement, which does not attempt to copy old models but showcases the contemporary composer. In this manner a successful and exciting balance is achieved between the “old pictures” and “new sounds.” The music does not simply provide a counterpoint flowing in tandem or at odds with the film. It coherently interlocks with the dramatic development occurring on screen.

The film has had successful showings in cinemas, churches and concert halls in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Further concerts are planned.